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Carding Methods
Carding Methods (blog)

In the world of cybercrime, Carding is king. This illegal activity—which involves using stolen or counterfeit credit cards to make online purchases—is extremely lucrative, and it’s only getting more popular as time goes on. If you’re new to the world of carding, you might be wondering how it’s done. Today, we’re going to take a look at dump + pin carding, one of the most popular methods of carding. We’ll discuss what a dump + pin is, how to get your hands on one, and how to use it for maximum profit
Table of Contents
  • What Is a Dump + pin ?
  • What is EMV?
  • Buying a Dump+ Pin
  • Order complete
  • Encode & Ship dump + pin
  • Cashing out on a ATM
  • Writing Dump + Pin cards (under construction)

What Is a Dump + pin ?​

dumps and pins carding

Dumps & Pins are typically acquired through skimming devices that are placed on ATMs or gas station pumps.
Once a criminal has skimmed enough information from unsuspecting victims, they can sell the dumps on the internet’s black marketplaces for example:

Cardholders are protected, any time they find out their credit card has been stolen, the banks refund the stolen money, the banks can just print the money with one push on a button; This is the main reason why most carders do not feel guilty whilst getting rich.

Dump carding is a type of fraud that involves cloning a credit or debit card and using the cloned card to withdraw cash or make purchases.

How do credit card shops collect the dump card data?

  • One common method is called skimming. Skimming involves using a device called a skimmer to copy the data from the magnetic stripe & or EMV chip of a credit or debit card. This data is then encoded onto a blank card and used to withdraw cash from ATMs or make purchases.
  • The second method Credit Card stores collect CC information is by Hacking/Malware/Botnets infecting payment devices.
  • Another common method the credit card shops collect credit card information is by phishing. Phishing involves tricking someone into giving you their credit or debit card information. This can be done by sending an email that looks like it’s from a bank or credit card company, asking for account information.

Once you have the credit or debit card information, you can use it to withdraw cash from ATMs or make purchases. But what if your country only accepts CC’s with EMV chips (track 2) for transactions?

What is EMV?​

The EMV chip (track 2) has been a thorn in the side of carders for years.

EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard® and Visa® and refers to the increased security of payment card transactions.

EMV chips are chips that are embedded in modern credit and debit cards. These chips store information that is used to authenticate transactions. While EMV chips make it more difficult to clone cards, they are not impossible to bypass.

a little history lesson on shimming:
In the past carders would get around emv security by shimming. Shimming involves destroying the EMV chip, either by burning, scratching with knife, water / electronical damage etc, this would automatically cause the payment terminal to skip the emv chip & read the magnetic strip accepting the transaction. (the Shimming method does not work anymore so dont waste your valuable time.)

The end of shimming & the start of emv skimming

Global Credit card fraud accounted for losses of $56.13 billion for 2021, That was a 79% increase from 2020. this woke the regulators up, they started taking notice.

It did not take the regulators long to come up with a tactic
so what did they change to the payment structure/system? well, the following: EMV chip broken? transaction cancelled.
whilst before the payment terminal would automatically switch to read the magnetic stripe, in 2022 the payment automatically gets aborted on a malfunctioning emv chip.
& yes, you guessed it: as always carders have found a way to bypass this security measure.

Do you remember what i told you about skimming?
Skimmed EMV data
(track2) can also be encoded onto a blank card & be used to make fraudulent purchases/cash withdrawals.

Buying a Dump+ Pin​

At the time of writing this post has the best dumps + pins for carding. sells Dump + Pin data but they can also encode for you & ship to your address if you request it. Account registration costs $450 unless of course when you have the secret private registration link:

we do not know how long this private registration link will work since they only allow 2500 new
members, so dont miss out & register now!

Okay now you have your account, choose a card and look for the following criteria:
At subtype look for any level except standard, Gold cards or higher will almost always have a balance over 2000/3000
choose a card with track 1(dump) + track 2(pin) < IMPORTANT!!!!
Click on add to cart.

Order complete​

Now that you have your card; you have to decide, Do you want to encode the dump & ship it to you, or will you do the encoding yourself?

If you are going to encode the dump yourself; go to Orders > Export, save the info, you will need it later on…

If you decided you want to do the encoding & ship the cloned card to you, go to orders > encode & ship, enter the address where you want the card shipped & pay the small encoding/shipping fee.
(Delivery of dump credit cards usually take around 24-72 hours, shorter if its not a holiday.)

Encode & Ship dump + pin​

For all European carders on; everybody knows cashing out dumps & pins is very easy in usa.
I keep getting the question “is it possible to cashout dumps with pin in Europe?”
I am flying to paris on saturday and i will take a dump + pin with me that i will cash out in france as a test… will keep you guys updated when the card arrives.

Update: The card arrived on time, my flight is tommorow i will keep you guys updated when i’m in Paris. always write the last checked balance & pincode on cloned cards, keep in mind the cardholder is using the original card so the cloned card balance could fluctuate, especially during holidays when he has to buy presents for his family.

Cashing out on a ATM​

Paris day 1: Update: Have booked a hotel with the card, will cash-out on a ATM tomorrow morning, ill keep you guys updated..

Paris day 2: Update: The dumps + pins from also work on european ATM’s,

Why blow the whole ATM up if you can just take the cash without force?
I’m gonna enjoy my mini vacation with this carded cash, ill explain more about cashing out ATM’s in my next post.

Writing Dump + Pin cards (under construction)​

next week i will be back in the usa. i will show how i write dump + pin data to a blank credit card myself & give you guys some more methods to cash them out.
hello brother i m loocking for good plug for dump+pin thanks if you can help it will be good
Hey man I’m also looking for a good site to buy dumps and PIN lmk if you find something
It seems as if the site Is no longer active. Anyone got any other sites that are equally as good? Thanks
How do we encode the emv card.
I have thenmagnetic card reader writer (track 1) and wonder what software is required for track 2?
Many thanks